Last Revised: April 15th, 2018.

Our mission statement here at GekkoFyre Networks is to provide premium website hosting and server solutions to a client-base that consists primarily of members from the anthropomorphic animal enthusiast community, or rather more commonly known as 'furries'. We also aim to serve clients who identify as otherkin in some way, whether that be Dragonkin, Furrykin, Elvenkin, or something else! Through integrating ourselves into these communities, we wish to support their growth and provide services that exclusively target these demographics. GekkoFyre Networks knows these two communities are strongly driven by personas and characters, and that these often form an important part of one's identity. As a result, we wish to be involved in the process of your persona's or character's evolution.

With our host of support staff, we are devoted to consistently providing the best service possible with regards to premium, managed solutions. You should feel free in approaching us for any questions or concerns, and we strongly believe in that. We at GekkoFyre Networks are privileged to be a part of the anthropomorphic and otherkin communities, and we will be sure to not let you down.